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New trends in face filling: A Global Approach by Dr. Sergio Escobar

IMCAS 2015

In the last years there has been a real “boom” in the development of commercial HA-gels in response to the increased demand for non-surgical aesthetic procedured including facial tissue augmentation and skin rejuvenation.

As a classical aesthetic face filling treatment we have focused on one area at a time, i.e.: the nasolabial folds, cheeks, chin, lips or jaw line.

In recent years, on the one hand, the commercial development of HA has spread the offer of many HA gels that differ in particle size, concentration, crosslinking and the way they are manufactured making them suitable for different skin layers and, on the other hand, our strategies have changed from filling one area into a more natural global concept.

Using different HA in the same session widens the possiblity of increasing volume with deep high G’ for the cheek area combined with medium G’ to resolve main folds and superficial HA used as a skin booster to improve superficial wrinkles, skin quality and tone.

So considering the main four areas which are involved in facial aging: superficial skin parameters, skin tone, folds and wrinkles and volume restoration, now it can all be achieved with the different commercial brands of available HA.

During this IMCAS I am presenting a technique approaching whole face treatment combining three different HA in the same session through only one port of entry.

The results of combining three fillers using an average of 3 cc of different HA, employing different size cannulas in the same session gives a painless treatment with amazing results and safe parameters.

It is clear that facial aging is a global process so the results that can be achieved through this combined treatment are much better than focussing only on one area or on wrinkles alone.

Patient and doctors evaluation as well as the lasting effects considered up to 12 months after treatment are so relevant that I think that for the next few years the global approach for the face filling will be the approach that doctors will adopt to resolve most of the aging face challenges.